1.   A valid rod licence must be held

2.   50% booking fee required, no refund given

3.   Maximum 3 rods per person

4.   Microbarbed hooks only

5.   No rods to be left unattended

6.   No fixed leads

7.   Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult

8.   All landing mats, slings and cradles are provided by the fishery and these must be used

9.   Nets must be dipped on arrival

10.   Bait boats allowed

11.   No nuts or peanuts

12.   All fish caught must be put back into the lake anyone found removing fish from the premises will be prosecuted

13.   Fishing only allowed from your designated swim

14.   No poles or keep nets

15.   No drugs, alcohol is permitted in moderation

16.   BBQs are permitted as long as they are off the ground

17.  Please clean your swim before you leave and have respect for the lake and fellow anglers

The owners accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury or theft whilst on the premises